Thursday, January 25, 2018

Bamboo silk rugs and carpets

Bamboo silk carpets and rugs manufacturers in different color and pattern

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This is pattern made in bamboo silk showing how Loop cut pattern look one can have in bamboo silk carpets. Custom size, and colors can be manufactured by the indian manufacturers.
bamboo silk carpet in loop cut pattern can be customised in any color and size
bamboo silk custom carpets
Solid color beige bamboo silk carpet showing the rug looking rich and luxurious. These can also be made in any other colors of your selection.
bamboo silk custom carpets in solid color with soft feel and shine
bamboo silk custom carpets
If you wish to lay dark color carpet on your floor having high sheen and soft feel, these kind of bamboo silk carpets can be done.
Dark color bamboo silk rug manufactured as per your custom sizes
bamboo silk custom rug
Silver, or say steel color is always a hit one if we make selection of bamboo silk carpets.

hand-tufted carpet made in bamboo silk
bamboo silk hand-tufted carpet
The room view showing the look of the bamboo silk carper with your leather sofa and centre table.

bamboo silk rug laid on floor at sitting area looking great
bamboo silk rug at sitting area
The coding is done on these bamboo silk carpets, so that its easy for you to make color selection and can get the carpet and rug manufactured.
image showing the bamboo silk carpets in different colors
bamboo silk rugs in different colours
White has always been taken by high end clients, as this white bamboo silk color carpet is one of the best to be chosen by you.
White color bamboo silk rug with luxurious feel and look
Bamboo silk rug in white color
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