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How does different qualities of carpets and rugs makes impact on the hotel and such other similar projects

How does different qualities of carpets and rugs  makes impact on the hotel and such other similar projects?

different quality handmade carpet

To be very true mainly the quality of each rug is determined by the density per square meter, this means how dense the carpets and rugs are weaved.

Normally the weaving pattern is more or less same, the quality is more specifically defined with the pile the specific carpet has. Let's take an example to understand this better. One rug is 2500 gms per square meter, and pile height is 8mm approx.  if this pile goes to 10mm, it will automatically be 2800-3000 gms per square meter. Because the weaving pattern is more or less same. This means as and when the pile of specific carpets and rugs are increased the quality will also increase, density will be more or less same.

There is also some variation where the woolen yarn is changed from 100 % new zealand to indian or blended wool. Newzealand wool is heavy as compared to other kind of yarns, similarly is case of viscose yarn.

Its always the budget, how much a client have, which is the main tool to define which project should have which kind of rug.

More heavy quality carpets are admired and preferred for high areas like 5 star, high ends villas etc. This mean to give more cushioned look and feel. Quality above 3000 gms come under this case.

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handmade carpet for hotels

Quality carpets

Budget rugs and carpets for hotel projects

Budget rugs and carpets for hotel projects :

budget rugs for hotels
Budget Rugs for Hotels
budget carpet for hotels
Budget carpets for hotels

There are many cases where the demand of handmade rugs specially handtufted one are huge, I mean in bulk, and the client have very tight budget for the same.

The biggest question arises, as to how to manage the same? In this case only a direct manufacturer can give the best quotation, as he knows with very thin margin he can quote and provide the rugs in best rates.

Now the issue comes as to whether the rug will be in wool or in other material? It may be very strongly noted that the best yarn for any rug is wool. For budget projects for carpets and rugs we manufacture the same, with indian wool. This indian wool is of indian origin, unlike newzealand origin, but is good in all other manner.

The above never mean that we use cheap or low grade yarn. Every woolen yarn has its own identity, the indian wool we use is pure, and also made from fresh fiber, not with toppings, which many use.

I would also like to add one more thing that from top or say in first instance all rugs looks same, but gradually you wil come to know that the rug being purchased are not with good indian wool.

Its always to have a deep chek and ensure that you buy the rug may be hand-tufted or handknotted for any of the projects of hotels, villas, resorts, apartments only from direct manufacturers.

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Jaipur rugs jaipur

jaipur rugs jaipur
jaipur rugs jaipur

Jaipur rugs jaipur

India is having some specific places for manufacturing of handmade carpets like mirzapur, bhadohi, jaipur, agra etc. Every place is having one or the other specialisation, in jaipur we have associates for hand-knotted carpets and rugs.

This mean that if you are looking for any rugs or carpets mainly in wool, from jaipur,  you can inform to us, we have manufacturing facilities at agra, jaipur, badohi and mirzapur, so there will not be any problem if you need any thing from any of these areas.

If you wish to know as to where these places are Badohi or bhadohi is in northern part of india, in state named uttar pradesh, similalry jaipur is based in rajasthan, agra and mirzapur again in uttar pradesh.

When client needs any rug or carpet to be manufactured they would be very happy if they find direct manufacturer, that manufacturer may be from jaipur, agra, bhadohi or mirzapur what is main important to them is that they should have contact directly with manufacturers, no mediator nothing...

Every area have their speciality, that's why we have manufacturing facilities at all the above mentioned cities, because the skill, climate and available labour community is best depending upon the kind of carpet and rug requirement, you have.

In addition to getting in touch with manufacturer, its also important to see that they understand your requirements, this mean what desing you need, colour matching and suggestion you can give (also technically), so that the client should feel happy and satisfied that they have chosen tight person for getting their carpets and rugs to be made.

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